What is Missing for Stem Cell-Based Therapies in Dentistry - Exam 79
by Huang, Garcia-Godoy
With the advancement of tissue engineering and
stem cell research, regeneration of pulp/dentin and periodontal tissues have been shown to be a possibility in animal models and human clinical trials have begun.

 1) What is the current research progress on pulp regeneration?
  1. All dental institutions have clinical trials on-going.
  2. Clinical trials using dental pulp stem cells have been on-going.
  3. It is impossible to regeneration pulp.
  4. Only FDA research facilities are allowed to regenerate pulp.
 2) What is the current research progress on cell-based periodontal regeneration?
  1. All periodontally diseased teeth are extracted.
  2. Cell-based periodontal therapy has a failure.
  3. Large animal studies and human case report have shown some success of cell-based periodontal regeneration.
  4. There are no stem cells in the periodontal ligament.
 3) What is a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility?
  1. It is for manufacturing of erythrocytes only.
  2. It is for manufacturing of myelocytes.
  3. A Current Good Manufacturing Practice for processing clinical grade therapeutic live cells.
  4. It is for learning sterile technique only.
 4) Why is cGMP facilities not widely available?
  1. They are too expensive to build and maintain.
  2. They have little to offer financially.
  3. They require too many minipigs for research.
  4. The TDA will not allow many to operate.