Does Fluoride Gel Foam Application Time Affect Enamel Demineralization - Exam 55 - Spring Summer 2014
The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs recommends a four-minute application of professionally applied topical fluoride, based on clinical evidence for caries reduction. However, some product manufacturers imply that a one-minute application is sufficient. The purpose of this laboratory study was to ascertain if a one-minute application of acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) is equivalent to a four-minute application for reduction of enamel demineralization.

 1) In the present study, microhardness of the enamel surface is used to represent the:
  1. Extent of enamel demineralization
  2. Fluoride content of enamel
  3. Bond strength
  4. Fracture resistance
 2) The Probably Toxic Dose (PTD) of fluoride, defined as the minimum dose that could cause toxic signs and symptoms, for a 10 kg child is per day:
  1. 5 mg of fluoride
  2. 100 mg of fluoride
  3. 50 ppm of fluoride
  4. 5 mg/L of fluoride
  5. 50 mg of fluoride
 3) Which form of fluoride is deposited on enamel by topical fluoride treatment and acts as a reservoir to release calcium and fluoride during acidic challenges:
  1. Sodium fluoride
  2. Calcium fluoride
  3. Fluoroapatite
  4. Sodium monofluorophospate
 4) APF products:
  1. Contain high concentration of fluoride, 1.23% or 12,300 ppm
  2. Contain hydrogen fluoride or hydrofluoric acid
  3. Are acidic, and therefore smaller amounts may adversely affect the gastric mucosa if swallowed
  4. Are not recommended for children under the age of six
  5. All of the above are correct
 5) Which of the following statements is not a recommendation for fluoride gel application:
  1. No more than 2g of gel per tray or approximately 40% of tray capacity should be dispensed
  2. Use saliva ejector during the fluoride gel application procedure
  3. Instruct patient to expectorate thoroughly for 30 seconds to one minute following the application, regardless of whether high-speed suction is utilized
  4. Instruct patient to rinse with water thoroughly right after the application procedure