Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Autogenous Mental Block - Exam 58
Predictable reconstruction of alveolar ridge defects can be obtained by using autogenous bone block. Ultrasonic bone surgery (USBS) is a fast, precise, and simple technique for block graft harvesting. It allows for a clean surgical field with no risk of injury to surrounding neurovascular structures. This article describes a case of horizontal alveolar ridge defect augmented with mental bone block harvested using USBS.

 1) Which bone grafting is considered to be Gold Standard for grafting hard tissue defects:
  1. Allograft
  2. Xenograft
  3. Autogenous
  4. Alloplast
 2) Why is the mandibular symphysis the most preferred as intraoral donor site:
  1. Less resorption
  2. Conventional access
  3. Reduced surgical time
  4. All of the above
 3) USBS provides a precise bone surgery because:
  1. Cuts only hard tissues
  2. Soft tissues, nerves and vessels are preserved from injury
  3. Simpler to use
  4. All of the above
 4) PRP is preferred to be used instead of a membrane due to:
  1. Decreases the frequency of intraoperative and postoperative bleeding at the donor and the recipient sites
  2. Promotes rapid vascularization of the healing tissue and facilitates rapid soft-tissue healing
  3. Aids in the initial stability of the grafted tissue at the recipient site due to its cohesive and adhesive nature
  4. All of the above
 5) Advantages of USBS over rotary instrumentation are:
  1. A clean and blood free surgical field because of cavitation and collapsing action of the ultrasound on blood vessels
  2. Better visual access to the surgical area
  3. Easier access to bone harvesting sites with no risk of injury to surrounding neurovascular bundles and soft tissues
  4. All of the above